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Most dog owners are not looking for highly specialized dog training such as protection dog training or service dog training.

Instead, they simply want a dog that is well-mannered and that obeys basic commands like sit, lay down, stay, come, and heel, and perhaps knows a trick or two like shake hands, speak, or roll over.

Dog Training Guides Online is dedicated to providing quality DIY dog training information for the average dog owner so you can avoid the costs of hiring expensive dog trainers.

In-person or board-and-train type dog training is expensive, and can be difficult to fit into your life schedule. That's why Dog Training Guides focuses on providing information on DIY obedience training for dogs.

It's not hard to train your dog at home if you have the right resources.

Our goal is to help you train your dog so you can enjoy a long, happy relationship together, and we are always adding new articles to help you with whatever dog training dilemma you are facing.

Trained dogs are happy dogs—and they make for happy owners.

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